" By fantasizing one builds a more predictable world, and then one has no time to notice what is really happening, because of the din made by one’s expectations crashing down. "

- Péter Nádas, Parallel Stories (via fables-of-the-reconstruction)

" Yo BErliner shadows, show up! "


" I cannot exist *entirely* except when somehow I go beyond the stage of action. Otherwise I’m a soldier, a professional, a man of learning, not a “total human being.” The fragmentary state of humanity is basically the same as the choice of an object. When you limit your desires to possessing political power, for instance, you act and know what you have to do. The possibility of failure isn’t important — and right from the start, you insert your existence advantageously into time. Each of your moments becomes *useful*. With each moment, the possibility is given you to advance to some chosen goal, and your time becomes a march toward that goal — what’s normally called living. Similarly, if salvation is the goal. Every action makes you a fragmentary existence. I hold onto my nature as an entirety only by refusing to act — or at least by denying the superiority of time, which is reserved for action. "

- Georges Bataille | On Nietzsche | Translated by Bruce Boone (via indigenousdialogues)

" Be violent reader in an upside down allegory of screaming hydras and fire extinguishers. Be alpha, omega, and the underbelly of cotton mouthed teenagers. Speak on the verge of a million broken idols, reiterating emaciated ruins of ontic nightmares. "

" To become a fossil, first you have to die without being eaten and scattered across the plains. "